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Glowstone User Guide - Please read carefully!

CAUTION: Shouldn’t need to say this, but just like a regular candle (or anything with a flame) NEVER LEAVE A LIT/BURNING GLOWSTONE CANDLE UNATTENDED! Also, never light your Glowstone in, on, or around anything else that is flammable! Cool? Cool!


It’s important to remember you’re in possession of a product made from minerals that can have sharp edges or elements to its composition which might cause injury or damage a surface it is placed upon if it is tipped, dropped, mishandled, etc…so please, be careful!  


Another important reminder is that the fuel used can stain wood and possibly other surfaces if it is spilled or overfilled.  It is the owner’s sole responsibility to provide (or not) a protective barrier between the Glowstone Candle and any surfaces it is set on in the event of accidental oil contact.


FILLING THE OIL RESERVOIR: Remove wick holder and wick as one piece from the top of your Glowstone.  Place the provided funnel in the hole, and then using the provided measuring cup dispense oil (we recommend Firefly brand Safe and Green paraffin oil for best quality, but other brands are acceptable) into the funnel slowly.  Because oil can continue to draw up the wick when not burning (possibly pooling oil on the surface), it is recommended to only add the approximate amount of oil equivalent to the quantity of time you wish to keep your Glowstone lit.  Reservoir sizes vary (ml size is labeled on reservoir) , but a general rule on burn time with a low flame (wick slightly below glass collar) is 1 hour per 5ml of paraffin oil.  In the event of overfilling, have a paper towel nearby to clean up any excess.


FOR INDOOR USE:  The higher or lower the wick, the higher or lower the flame (also the shorter or longer the burn time!)…however, if the flame is too high, the oil will wick out at a rate faster than it can burn efficiently, causing the potential for smoke or soot from the flame especially in an environment where ambient air is in motion from a fan, central air conditioning, open window, etc.  Remember: if you see smoke from the flame, lower the wick!  While a refined pure paraffin lamp oil is generally odorless, it can be combined with pure plant essential oils to give off a light scent. Simply add drops (I start with 5-10) directly into the candle before refilling, so that you can change up scents on each refill if wanted.  Realize that not all essential oils blend well (especially if not pure extracts), and not all types give off a strong enough scent to be very noticeable…trial and error is necessary!  Some of our favorite scents: Lemon, Bergamot, Sage, Cedar, Eucalyptus, Juniper, Rosemary, Lavender, Sandalwood.


FOR OUTDOOR USE:  Raising the wick higher will increase its resistance to blowing out in wind, at the expense of smoke/soot. A few important things to remember: if the flame is so large that wind can cause constant contact with the physical surface of your Glowstone, you run the risk of permanently discoloring it!  While some minerals are more resistant (clean with acetone and a toothbrush), others can be very porous and absorb sooting from the flame coming in contact with it.  A way to prevent this, is to use the “fishbowl” trick: decorate your glowstone inside a spherical glass container (like a fishbowl) which helps block wind and allow a much lower flame without burning out.  Secondly, don’t leave it outside uncovered from the elements (rain, snow, etc.)...if water gets inside the wick hole, it's highly unlikely it will light or stay lit until the internal reservoir is completely dried out.  Lastly, prolonged UV (direct sunlight) can fade the color of certain minerals (amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz, flourite, etc.), so keep in mind if leaving your Glowstone outside or on a window sill and protect accordingly if this is a concern.


Hooray! You made it through all the instructions! I hope you enjoy your Glowstone as much as I enjoy making em!  Questions? Awesome pictures of decorations? Purchase MORE? Reach out to, hit up Instagram (@glowstonecandles), visit the website at, or shop my store at  Enjoy!!!                             

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