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Handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, sustainable.

Fire and stone.  Two tools utilized since the dawn of humanity.  At Glowstone, we painstakingly combine those timeless elements into a functional statement for your home.  Each piece is wholly unique, constructed by hand with love in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.

Enlighten Your Senses with Glowstone Candles - nature's radiance, redefined.

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What is a Glowstone?

A Glowstone is a unique, sustainable, oil candle made from a variety of materials like crystals, fossils, and minerals.

How does it work?

Each Glowstone has a reservoir to house pure paraffin oil at the base of the piece.  A braided fiberglass wick then draws the oil up through a carefully diamond drilled hole to the surface via capillary action.

Does the wick burn out?  How do I replace it?

Because of the excellent dimensional stability of braided fiberglass up to temperatures of 1200ºF, the flame does not get hot enough to burn the wick down.  It will blacken at the heat source, but should not need to ever be replaced.  If the wick is accidentally lost however, please contact us for a replacement wick.

What kind of oil can I use?

We recommend the use of a pure paraffin oil for the cleanest, near odorless burn.  After testing several different brands on the market, we have found Firefly Safe & Green to be the highest quality oil to use in our products. While most low-flash (combustible at low temperatures) low viscosity oils will technically work (common lamp oil, kerosene, tiki torch oil, etc.) they will likely cause black smoke/soot and could be potentially toxic in non-ventilated areas, therefore we do not recommend their use.  

How do I refill the paraffin oil?

First remove the glass wick holder and wick from the top of your candle.  Using the provided measuring cup and funnel, measure oil up to the specified capacity or your Glowstone's reservoir, then simply place the funnel in the wick hole and fill.

I can't get the wick back into my Glowstone, help!

Its easiest the first time you fill your Glowstone to get the base of your wick slightly saturated with oil so that the fibers will bind together.  Then, use a twisting motion with your fingers as you guide it back in, similar to the way you would thread a needle.

Can I buy Glowstone Online?

Yes!  Please visit our Etsy store at

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